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We Specialize ONLY in Africanized & Domestic Honey Bee, Wasp, Hornet, Yellow Jacket & Bumble Bee Removal. As Listed Below, We Offer a Full Array of Services Needed to Successfully Complete Any Bee Removal Job.

  • Bee Rescue & Relocation. Whenever possible we save the bees and relocate them to a quarantine bee yard for re-queening with a European queen.
  • Bee Extermination (when necessary due to safety of people and animals or when our customer requests)
  • Fastest Arrival Time at Your Home or Business (about one hour depending on your location and our work flow)
  • Honeycomb Removal & Honey Cleanup
  • Construction Repair at Bee Damage Location (performed by our skilled In-House Tradesmen)
  • Our Work is Guaranteed & Insured
  • Bee Prevention – Bee Removal From Pools, Waterfalls, and Other Water Features
  • OUR Technicians are State Certified
  • FREE, Honest Phone Quotes
  • We Serve Homeowners, Property Managers, HOAs, Businesses, Contractors, Schools, Municipalities, and all Other Properties

In the Phoenix, Arizona area virtually all wild honey bees (those not in beekeepers’ boxes) are Africanized. Africanized bees are known to sting in much larger numbers than European bees. Both Africanized and European honey bees have the same physical appearance; therefore, all honey bees should be treated with the same caution as Africanized bees.

We use the same tried-and-true methods to remedy Africanized bee problems and European bee problems. Therefore, we will not attempt to scare you into believing that every bee situation is an emergency for which you should pay an inflated price.

We recommend professional removal of all bee swarms (newly arrived bees) when you first notice them; this prevents the bees from entering small openings along the exterior of your home or business. The presence of bees is a health and safety risk to people and animals in the surrounding area. If bee removal is not performed upon arrival, they can make several pounds of honeycomb and honey in about two weeks, resulting in costly property damage. Live bee removal or extermination should never be attempted by persons without professional training and protective equipment.The BeeKeeper - As Seen on Discovery Channel

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  • Locally Owned & Operated Since 1998
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