Bee Removal Is Our Specialty

Call us if you have bee problems. We specialize in bee removal and bee control for all property owners and managers. Safe removal of bees is our business. This includes Africanized & European honey bees. We offer the services needed to complete any bee removal job. We also provide expert removal of wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, and other flying stinging insects.

  • Bee Rescue – Whenever possible, we save the bees and move them to our bee yard or release them to a safe desert location.
  • Bee Extermination (when necessary due location and safety of people and animals)
  • We Can be at Your Home or Business in About one hour
  • Honeycomb Removal & Honey Cleanup
  • Construction Repair at Bee Damage Location (performed by our skilled in-house tradesmen)
  • Our Work is Guaranteed & Insured
  • Bee Prevention – At Pools, Waterfalls, and Other Water Features
  • OUR Technicians are State Certified
  • FREE, Honest Phone Quotes
  • We Serve Homeowners, Property Managers, HOAs, Businesses, Contractors, Schools, Municipalities, and all Other Properties

Our Experience and Recommendation

We have performed bee removal service in Phoenix and the surrounding cities since 1998.  In order to save the bees, we recommend professional removal of all bee swarms (newly arrived bees) when you first notice them. Generally, bees cannot be saved after they find a hole and migrate into your home, business, tree stump, or other void. All it takes is a one-quarter inch hole in the outside of your home or business for the bees to enter and begin making a nest. Once the bees start making a nest, it can grow by about one pound per day. Removal of the nest from inside a wall or roof will require more work and additional cost.  We recommend removal before the bees find their way into your building.

Africanized Bees

Africanized bees first entered southern Arizona in 1993. Starting in 1993, the European bees in Arizona starting mating with the newly-arrived Africanized bees. Over the years, almost all European bees have been replaced by Africanized bees. Both Africanized and European honey bees have the same physical appearance. Therefore, all honey bees should be treated with the same caution as Africanized bees. The presence of Africanized bees is a health and safety risk to people and animals nearby. Africanized bees are known to sting in much larger numbers than European bees.

New swarms and small bee hives are often gentle. However, when the hive gets bigger they usually become aggressive toward people, animals, or noise near their hive. Aggressive hives should be removed right away!  Bee control should never be attempted by persons without professional training and the proper protective equipment.

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